CD Release

The album SCHERBEN – Works for piano and chamber ensemble by Søren Nils Eichberg will be released by DACAPO on August 14.

UPDATE: Available on major streaming platforms here. Read the full press release from DACAPO here.

Excerpt from the press release from DACAPO:

“‘The piano is my instrument,’ says Søren Nils Eichberg; ‘I am led by my fingers.’ His works with piano might chart the loosening of those fingers from formal obedience towards what the composer himself has described as ‘psychological form’: a modernist take on the keyboard fantasies of yesteryear in which emotional intuition underpins progress (a similar shift traverses his first three symphonies, composed 2005-15). Rather than sprawling formlessly, the latest fruits of that journey are guided to their final shape by Eichberg’s growing weight of experience – logical, emotional, dramatic.
This recording, piloted by the two hands of pianist Emil Gryesten, covers piano-focused works spanning the decade from 2002. These were pivotal years for Eichberg, coming directly after his victory in the composing discipline of the 2001 Queen Elisabeth Competition. We hear Eichberg returning to basics: exploring a piano’s sonority (and a pianist’s technique) with a series of miniature character pieces that form more than the sum of their parts (infinitely so, potentially).
We hear him riffing on a touchstone of Danish literature via a classic functionalist technique, and applying the same practice to a tradition from Japan. And we hear his ‘psychological form’ in the grip of total inspiration.”